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Cangzhou Celebrity Botanical Garden River Course (1)
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Cangzhou Celebrity Botanical Garden River Course (1)


 Ecological water conservancy is an inevitable requirement for water conservancy projects in the process of human civilization progress and sustainable social and economic development in the 21st century. To realize the vision of urban ecological water conservancy, it is necessary to have corresponding new environmental protection materials. The new waterproof high-tech product -- Liu Fangfang Natural sodium bentonite waterproof blanket (GCL) has been applied in water conservancy projects, and its waterproof and anti-leakage performance has been fully exerted. When used in water conservancy projects, it can improve the anti-seepage effect of irrigation channels, improve the strength of DAMS and river Banks, avoid and reduce water and soil erosion and the hidden trouble of pipe gusher in large embankments.

Liufangzi waterproof blanket selects the high quality natural sodium base bentonite as raw material, the physical and chemical performance is good, the product with low price, good performance, convenient construction is widely used in reservoir, channel, channel and other water conservancy projects and residential area landscape lake, wetland, reservoirs and other landscape garden water system engineering, and airport, subway, construction and other municipal water engineering. The use of liu House waterproof blanket can reduce leakage loss of more than 95%; Seepage prevention can increase the utilization coefficient of canal system water by 0.4 ~ 0.5 and reduce the leakage loss of canal by 80% ~ 90%. Especially in areas with severe water shortage, such as Gansu, Qinghai and Xizang provinces, and the northeast areas of North China.

Waterproofing leakage, waterproofing loss, is an important project for people's livelihood. The traditional canal, reservoir and so on project, USES the cement concrete and the stone to pile up the way, cannot achieve the seepage control effect. And Liu house waterproof blanket has low investment, construction technology is convenient, simple, short period of time, impermeable performance will not be due to dry and wet and freeze-thaw repeated circulation and reduce, more will not aging, failure, channel effective use coefficient is high, adapt to deformation ability, strong self-repair ability and other advantages. For example, the ecological restoration project of Shijiazhuang Hutuo River in Hebei province covers an area of nearly 5 million square meters for seepage control. Bentonite blanket is used for seepage control.

In impermeable projects such as landscape water system, reservoir and wetland garden, it is widely used because of its obvious impermeable effect, environmental protection and beautiful appearance. While impermeable, it can effectively maintain the exchange of ecological environment and water and gas around the water system, so that the water system has a long flow of fresh water and surrounding ecological plants are evergreen. For example: The old Summer Palace in Beijing, the Olympic Bird's Nest dragon-shaped water system, changying Century City and other major water system projects all use bentonite waterproof blanket.