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The Beijing subway


In recent years, with the high-speed operation of China's economy and the acceleration of urban modernization, the waterproof and impermeable performance of urban subway and highway projects has become a key factor of project quality. The "Liu Fang" brand natural bentonite waterproof blanket (GCL) developed by our company selects high-quality natural inorganic mineral natural sodium bentonite as the core raw materials, and its waterproof and impermeable effect is one of the rare architectural waterproof materials in China. In the engineering application of bentonite waterproof blanket, successfully solves the base processing, cutting blanking of post-cast strip on the material, the influence of bentonite waterproof blanket protection and construction joints, shield interval with Ming dig the station of bentonite waterproof blanket interface, bentonite waterproof blanket convergent, crevasse repair and other issues, up to the national waterproof design standards; But the roadbed and slope of highway, the foundation of bridge waterproof can change the performance of road, improve the bearing capacity of road surface, and prolong the service life of highway. Liufangzi bentonite waterproof blanket (GCL) the mechanism of waterproof clear, good durability, at the same time because its construction is simple, fast, low to the flatness requirement of the grassroots, local appear seepage won't appear serious water channeling phenomenon, the advantages of easy maintenance, is widely applied in the subway, tunnel, municipal construction both at home and abroad. Since 2007, my company natural sodium base bentonite waterproof blanket has won: the Beijing subway line 10, shenzhen metro line 2, Harbin metro line 1 and shenyang subway engineering of bentonite waterproof blanket supply engineering, has been a huge success and good reputation, and has become a domestic metro projects designated use of products and brands.