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Sports Theme Park project in Qunli New District, Harbin

Under new we district of Harbin city government attaches great importance to "sports theme park" the planning and design has been completed and our company with its own natural sodium base bentonite mine unique resource advantage and relying on excellent natural sodium base bentonite waterproof blanket (GCL) price, became the nearly thousand square meters of seepage control engineering the only supplier. The project is themed with "Ecological waterfront Movement". Its spatial structure is mainly composed of ecological mountain belt, dynamic sports belt, central waterscape belt, ecological leisure belt and central lake "four belts and one heart". The technique of expression is the combination of green movement, waterfront and island. The sports club, waterfront book bar and waterscape amorous feelings restaurant designed with modern style will become the highlight of the park after completion. The park covers an area of 244,000 square meters, of which 50 percent is water. By the world famous landscaping engineering design institute of the United States Ace arc architectural planning and design consulting company design, by the Heilongjiang Province first class a landscaping qualification of daqing Landscaping engineering Co., Ltd. is responsible for the construction, the overall cost of the project reached more than 70 million yuan. Construction will begin in early 2010 and be completed and open to the public in October 2010.